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Facilitating Groups

Facilitation is used in business and organizational meetings to ensure involvement and a focus on results.

    Alice is a master facilitator who has designed and facilitated meetings for over 20 years.  She used methods learned from colleagues at Interaction Associates, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (Technology of Participation), Community at Work and The Grove Consultants.  She customizes an approach for your each group and specializes in Done-In-A-Day meetings.

Ask Alice to be your Facilitator for large or small groups, to increase Inclusion, Input, Interaction or Information - even in one day!

Offsite “Advances”, not Retreats  = Inclusion

Alice can turn your “retreat” or offsite meeting into an “advance” where you make more forward progress that ever before.   She will meet with your board or team to design a highly interactive and future focused event.  You’ll leave with clear direction and an implementation plan.   A lot can be “done-in-a-day”.

Community Advisory Groups = Input

She has facilitated monthly meetings between a business or industry with community members for over twelve years.  (She has held the longest continuous contract with any Affiliate of Interaction Associates.)  Call her to discuss setting up a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) for your company.

Conferences and Large Meetings = Interactive

Alice has studied the best interactive methods used in large groups.  She can help you make an interactive meeting with a group of 100 or more in one room.  In addition to facilitating “Break Out” groups” at conferences, she can consult with you how to turn these into “Breakthrough” groups.

Community Conversations = Information

Are you interested in what your neighbors, club members, congregation or other groups of stakeholders in a community have to say?  Are you hoping to collaborate with other related organizations? Alice designs and facilitates conversations among these people focused on a mutual need, problem or opportunity.  Tap into their brainpower to plan, problem-solve or envision a new future direction.


Clients include both corporate, government, nonprofit, educational institutions.  Please ASK ALICE for references.

    Our “Advance” (not a retreat) was, without question, the finest forward planning gathering I’ve ever attended.  From the idea of inviting non-board members, to interviewing the board, to coordinating with me and Megan, to handling the gathering, and now the action plan list, I am bowled over by how professional and effective you are, and am so very glad we chose you to assist us with this process.


    This event will be the springboard for future success, and I am extremely happy with everything you did.  I’ve already received a thank you from one of the non-board members that they were so excited to be included, and that we can count on them for following through with what was discussed.     Thank you!

Board President of Nonprofit Arts organization

    Alice Cochran was able to guide Mark Twain Healthcare District Board through a successful re-write of its mission and vision. We even had time to set some priorities for the upcoming year. Anyone who has gone through this process will appreciate that this is a miraculous outcome. Her expertise shined bright!

Executive Director, Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation

    The (local) Sierra Club Chapter chair said it was the most comprehensive and fair process he'd ever seen within Sierra Club.  The fact that we hired a professional facilitator (we sang your praises and forwarded info) to help us come together as a group impressed the higher ups with our commitment.

    We came out with an intact, undamaged board. Everyone remarked afterwards at how amazingly well the process worked, praised our facilitator, and generally felt we came through the process unscathed  (a big change from two years ago, I understand)

Local Sierra Club Member

    Absolutely our pleasure; you were fabulous! I will definitely try to keep my eyes open for other Leadership programs that are trying to increase the leadership content of their programs.

    I appreciate your rearranging your schedule and driving all the way down to us; it was good to see you again, and I was so pleased to be able to bring someone of your caliber in for the class.    Thank you, Alice!

Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program

Alice Collier Cochran • email • 415.457.8997